Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Hugs and 10 Kisses

I took a mini vacation in Vegas with three amazing girl friends - all of us are turning the big-four-oh this year and we have been friends since single-digit-ages.  It was really special.

Summer and Don held down the fort. I returned home on Monday morning and was really surprized to see how 'military-spotless-clean' everything was.  So clean, that I was starting to doubt my own housekeeping abilities.  So, I checked around, just to make sure it was because our cleaning lady had visited during my absence.... but no, there were none of the tell-tale signs or scents of bleach etc.

Don called at about 1pm and it all became clear.  We have ants. Great.

That evening Summer and Don returned from dance class and Summer was very happy to see I had returned in one piece.  After she delightfully received her gifts I bought for her she told me she "really missed me" and would like 10 hugs and 10 kisses.  So we counted them all out and she was content to be off to bed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thanks for Listening - Ten Thousand Times

Once in a while I check out our blog stats to see if anyone out there is listening (other than Gramma and Nana of course!).  -Not that it motivates me to write, or not to write.  I've been blogging for almost exactly 2 years and this week the blog will receive its 10,000 page viewing. So, I guess I can honestly never claim that no one ever listens to me - literally, or metaphorically... 

It has been very therapeutic at times.  It helps me organize my thoughts around some of Summer's therapies and treatments.  It has also helps me to not 'sweat the small stuff', afterall, if it doesn't 'make the blog', is it really that big of a deal?  But, then again, there are those things that don't make the blog because they really are a big deal and I prefer to keep them private.  It's been a really wonderful way to share a lot of our joy and to shamlessly brag about our kid....  So, thanks for listening, to the good, the bad, and the amazing...

Speaking of amazing...  I never get tired of hearing Summer read...  here is last night's 'production'.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gross Motor Assessment

We received the results from Tuesday's GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure).
Summer enjoyes working with her PT, Krista.  She is really good at motivating Summer to perform the tasks.

Krista measured five areas of function. It will provide a good baseline to measure Summer's progress. I kind of always look forward to these types of assessments because some of the gross motor stuff comes easy to Summer and it is inspiring and motivating for both her and I to see her be successful.

In the 5 areas assessed she did quite well:
  1. Lying & Rolling: 100%
  2. Sitting: 91.66%
  3. Crawling & Kneeling: 88.09%
  4. Standing: 76.92%
  5. Walking, Running & Jumping: 91.66%

By far, the most difficult movement is squatting and standing/hopping on one foot (right).  So we will work on those skills. 



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Kid's Got Moves!

I took this cute video last night at dance class. 

This morning Summer had a gross motor assessment at OKP.  She did quite well.  We followed that up with a visit to her pediatrician.  Summer will be having another MRI in May to check on her ventricles in her brain.  I am not too worried, since she has not shown any symptoms of pressure.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We Have A Reader!

Last night was quite a reading session.  For the last couple of weeks there has been no Daily Shared Reading Assignment as Summer and her class have been working on their projects.  Summer and Ethan are partnered up and are doing a project on penguins.  On Tuesday, we received a new Shared Reading Assigment, so before bedtime stories, we practice it.  Don called me into the bedroom to listen to Summer's reading, and for the first time, she read the entire poem by herself.  Neither Don nor I recall being able to actually read in Kindergarten, so it is pretty fascinating. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Run Down and Out...

"We've been really healthy this year!  Only one bout of the stomach flu (Summer) and a couple of colds that seem to last only a couple of days."  I spoke too soon and it seemed to change overnight...  Last Wednesday the sniffles started and then progressed into a pretty good cold.  After what seemed like a pretty cranky weekend, Summer says to Don, "Daddy, I just don't feel like myself." 

Tuesday, the school called and I picked her up.  Really, she seemed fine...  a little tired I suppose.  So, I dragged her around Wal-Mart (if I had to leave work I might as well accomplish an errand).  OK, she rode in the cart...  and we got home around 2.  She snuggled down on the couch, watched 15 minutes of TV and fell sound asleep until 4:30.  Hot bath at 6:30 and into bed at 7:30.  Two good night's sleep later, all is back to normal in the Morison House.