Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Move

Yesterday was our patient move. Our new hospital is complete and now will be the place where everyone in our district will come for care.

It was really neat to be part of the patient move. It is probably the closest I will ever get to patient care. I was on the transfer team with my Foundation colleagues. We wheeled the patients on stretchers from their rooms to the elevator. It was a lot of standing around with a little bit of action here and there. It went very smoothly.

Our hospital awarded a huge prize pack to the First Baby born at our new hospital. Turns out... a 28 week premie was the recipient. They named her Patience - how perfect. Just over 2 lbs, she was transferred to CHEO. I know we have many premies born here every year, but they usually arent celeb's.

Speaking of premies... Summer was up on Saturday night vomiting... but otherwise feeling fine... so my spidy senses went into overdrive... I had to leave the house at 4:30am to go to work for the move, so I woke Don up to sit with her, and the first question I asked when I got to work is "Is our CT Scanner up and running yet?" -it was moved last week and when I saw it on Friday while giving a donor tour-there was still a guy working on it. - thankfully the CT started running again on Sunday morning... Thankfully, Summer devloped a fever later in the day... funny... thanking a fever... so we ruled out a shunt emergency.

Summer's kangaroo craft

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sneaky Surprise for a Sixty-fifth!

We were in Toronto on the weekend. I think it might have been one of the first times we have travelled south just to visit - with no appointments following the weekend. How refreshing!

We travelled for a great reason - to celebrate with the Bunton's! Barb arranged a surprise party for Laurie's 65th. He was totally 'Blown Away' - his words.

On Saturday evening, all the guests marshalled at their neighbours house - about 25 of us, and then at 6:30 we all walked over and rang the doorbell, to be greeted by a VERY surprised Laurie. The real icing on the cake was the arrival of his daughter Lisa - who flew in from Vancouver for the occasion - and arrived an hour late (flight delay) - when Laurie thought all the surprises were over.

Summer having a catch-up with Sara

Summer was delighted to see some cousins that she had not yet met and had fun entertaining guests until about 10pm - when she said "Mommy, can I PLEASE go to bed now?"

"Do you like my hat?"

We preceeded the party event with a playdate at our friends the Miller's in Brooklin. Summer had a great time playing with Matthew, Eric and Emilie. It was really wonderful to see them as it had been since July when they visited us. The twins are doing amazing and they delighted us with their musical performances and dancing in the play room. Emilie is a very sharp girl (7) who just made the competitive gymnastics team. She is thrilled!

"Matthew, you can be my boyfriend" - Seriously!

Rock Stars

We came home on Sunday and watched the NFL playoffs on the PVR. We were relieved to make it home in one piece as the roads were not great on both travel days.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Go Lakers!

Ready for the Game!



One Tired Sports Fan

Yesterday our University Hockey Team hosted an Armed Forces Appreciation Hockey Game at Memorial Gardens. The Nipissing University Lakers played RMC (Royal Military College). It wasn't much of a competition as the Lakers crushed RMC 6-0. Military members were asked to wear their uniforms and families and fans to wear red. It was Summer's first live hockey game and she had a lot of fun. There was much hype about getting a hotdog for supper at the game, with popcorn too. She thought it was fun to cheer when our team scored and really like the camo-jerseys. The other highlight was the zamboni of course!

Also, over the weekend, we had another feline friend join our household - Summer-Cat. Summer insisted on behaving like a cat, eating her breakfast off a plate on the floor, pretending to scratch the furniture - BAD CAT!, and many 'meow meow' conversations. It was quite funny. Thankfully this morning she had breakfast at the table.


Bird House Painting Project