Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waiting for Nana & Papa...

So, week two of school, and it starts with a PD day on Monday. Gee, things sure have changed since I was in school. I am sure we had to wait months before our first free day off!

Summer was so disappointed that she did not get to go to school. It was a recipe for a mini-meltdown. She got over it, and had a great day with all her friends at daycare.

Our friend Blayne works at Walmart and he said that PD days are the worst…. Everyone takes their kids to Walmart – lol.

Summer was delighted that Tuesday was a school day – and we got back to our routine.

She is getting quite excited about her Nana and Papa who are coming from BC this Friday. It is funny, kids have a very different awareness of time. Waiting from Monday to Friday is an eternity!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Week = Blur!

It was a very busy first week of school for Summer. Not only was she extremely exhausted each evening, but it seemed to just whiz by. On Wednesdays Summer has dance class - Jazz and Tap - talk about cute... This past Wednesday we had dinner with friends right after work - Gayle and Blayne pulled together an amazing quick supper - lasagna - Don's fav, and then we headed to dance class. Summer immediately fell asleep in the car, for the 5 min drive, and was out cold when we arrived. We managed to rouse her and she seemed to enjoy all the running around, jumping, tapping etc.

On Friday afternoon I was in a meeting with a coworker and one our staff pulled me out for a 'phone call from the school'. I dread these calls, but thankfully it was nothing too serious. Summer's teacher was on the other end of the line telling me Summer fell during recess and bumped her head, and she was not sure if I expected a phone call when this happens. She confirmed that she bumped it on the right side - which is also the 'right' side - as her shunt is on the left side. She confirmed that Summer is acting as her usual self and all was ok.

Are you ready for some football?

We are laying low this weekend. Trying to get a few things done in preparation for Fall/Winter. We are hoping to get a section of dock out of the water, some site prep done for Summer's play-set and Don is off to the dump for our bi-monthly garbage run. Don just popped into the house to tell me that the rain we received this week put the lake level up significantly - much needed. I am sure we'll (Don) will watch a bit of football on Sunday. He'll make a fan out of Summer yet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Day of School - Summer's Report

Summer didn't have a lot to say about her first day at school.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of School

Summer's first day of school is today. This morning we waited at daycare until her bus arrived so that we could see her off. She was very excited to show off her new Toy Story back pack and really pleased to be packing her lunch.

She embarked the school bus with out much trouble. She had a little stage fright and didn't really know what to do once she was on, so her driver told here where to sit - right behind her.

I dropped Don off at work and headed to Summer's school to view how the drop-off went. I was undetected in the parking lot and had a clear view of the bus zone. The bus pulled up and no students were allowed off the bus until the teachers arrived to greet them.

Summer was the last kid to disembark and it looked like she did ok. Her EA was one of the teachers meeting her, and everyone looked happy.

She trotted into the school yard and out of my sight.

All of our excitment and pride trumped our anxiety and hesitation - though both Don and I admit to being a little teary at our little girl growing up.

I can't wait to hear how her day went.

Monday, September 13, 2010

School Visit

On Friday, Don, Summer and I visited her school to meet her new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Norman and she is very nice. Summer played with her a little bit and they had a chat so that Don and I could fill out some paperwork. Summer learned where all the toys in the class are kept and also a little bit about their classroom routines.

We also met with Mrs. Falconi who is the classroom EA. As it turns out, there is a little boy in Summer's class with CP and who is in a wheelchair, so Mrs. Falconi is a full time EA that will be dedicated to assisting Summer and this little boy. I am ecstatic that Summer will receive the little bit of assistance she might need with dressing, toileting, and opening her lunch. She also offered to help with our stretches, so Summer's PT will meet with her. That is a huge bonus for us!

We checked out the playground. The jungle gym is not great and it only has ladders so Summer will not be able to play on it. But there is a sand box and lots of space to run around.

Summer's first day of school will be Monday the 20th.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to the Grind...

Our first week back was filled with catching up; on phone messages, work, appointment tracking and SLEEP~

Summer will be starting school soon, so it was imperative that we figure out how she is going to get there. After several back-and-forths with the school secretary and school transporation department I decided that the best approach was to test Summer on a school bus to see if she can get on and off by herself... so off to the School Bus Yard.

We walked in the office and there was a familiar looking lady standing at the desk. It turns out, I know her through a friend, and she is going to be Summer's driver! How nice is that!

She took us out to the bus and Summer embarked fine. She was nervous to disembark, but we suggested she use the door opening rod to stabilize herself. There is only one railing at a bus entrance, and it is on the wrong side for Summer.

But, she did it!!

We'll see how she makes out on the first week with a backpack on her back...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End to vacay...

We wrapped up our vacation with a barbeque at the MacAstocker's for Summer to have a last playdate with Cyara and Taylor. We were among a crowd of Lee and Alyssa's friends and enjoyed a dinner of Crab, Prawns, Salmon etc... just another amazing meal on the west coast!

Summer had fun riding Cyara's bike and playing on the swingset.

On Saturday we layed low and got packed etc. More fish for supper at Don's parent's yum... We definitly all got our share of Omegas!

Sunday's early start (0400hrs) was also a start to getting back on Ontario Time... since that is 0700hrs our time... but it was also the start of a VERY long day... flights - uneventful, baggage.... Don's is always the last off the plane..., Limo to the Bunton's, bathroom break, the headed north.... arriving home at 9pm.

Back to the gring on Monday....

The Brothers = Chubby Cuddles

I met Tracey briefly at my Brother, Steve’s wedding several years back, and her husband Jordan is Steve’s long-time friend.

A week ago last Friday, we had a visit with the Trousdell Five.
I have been following Tracey’s Blog since the Brothers were born in November 2009. Way too small, way too early, way too many complications. How amazing is it to finally meet them in person and be snuggling hearty, robust, healthy set of twins.

I am holding Asher – OK – He is my favourite – Yes they are identicals, but Asher and Summer share this not so little thing – Grade 4 bleed. Asher is one of the lucky ones who did not develop hydrocephalus, but his parents, family and friends are spending the next 2 years hoping and praying that his motor function will develop normally. Honestly – he looks, feels, (and smells) 100%.

Their daughter Rio (I know – what a cool name ehh?) and Summer got a long really well and they spent most of the time running around the back yard blowing bubbles and soaking themselves in bubble-solution. This precipitated a ‘getting naked’ session, clothes in dryer and 4 year old girls running around in their underpants.

Tracey and I did not stop talking for the duration of our 2 hour visit. Don and Jordan could not get a word in edgewise. Luckily Don is more the quiet type – a necessity in our house, and Jordan – well I am not sure… but he was nice enough to let us girls have a good chin-wag.

We can’t wait to see them again, but until then, we’ll keep following their blog, delight in all their family stories and watch Rio and the Brothers thrive.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation Week #2

If I thought week #1 was busy, I was hardly prepared for week #2! We returned home from Alder Bay on Sunday night and Summer greeted us heartily. We immediatly left my parent's house to attend a birthday barbeque for Taylor and Cyara - Summer's friends, grand daughters of Ken and Carmen. It was so fun for Summer to be included in the party. The girls had a blast and Summer talked about the pintata for two days after.

On Monday, Don's cousin Sarah, her partner Lisa and their son Andrew visited us from Vancouver. It was our first time meeting Andrew and he is a very sweet baby. We played pass the baby for a few hours and he tolerated it very well.

Sarah and Andrew

On Wednesday we headed back to Campbell River to visit the Curnow Crew so that Summer had more time to visit with their girls, and I had more time to rebond with Selene. We had a beautiful lunch at the picnic table, Summer had a dip in their pool and lots of playtime with the girls and Don got to bond with Vinnie - their very handsome Rottweiler.

The Curnow's

On Thursday my brother Steve who was not able to come the week before brought Chase up for an additional visit. Cyara and Taylor also came over to my parents' to play so we took them all to the park and let them run wild for a few hours.

We topped off the day with a quiet dinner with Ken and Carmen. We re-played our Alder Bay trip and made plans for next years adventures... oh, and had an amazing dinner of jumbo prawn cocktail, bbq'd oysters, bbq'd cod, bbq'd snapper and yummy pasta and salad. Times our tough...

More to follow on this week - stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Four Grandparent Weekend

Our first weekend on vacation was a real vacation for Don and me. We headed to Alder Bay with Ken (Carmen to join us later) to see if we could slay our share of Sockeye Salmon - the first year in four that this fishery has been open. Our trip did not disappoint - we sent in 80lbs of Sockeye we caught in for canning and two coho and one spring for smoking, and a couple halibut and pinks for EATING!

Carmen joined us on Friday evening and we had four awesome days fishing.

Summer stayed with my parents and had lots of fun with both Nana & Papa and Gramma and Grampa. They had a tea party - my mom gave her a princess dress that she wore for tea. She went to the library, blueberry picking the park - a few times and also to Smitty's for lunch. Oh, I almost forgot - Gramma and Nana took her to Walmart to purchase the large Buzz-Lightyear action figure - part of her birthday present - her collection now boasts: Jessy, Rexie and Buzz.
Off to the Park!

The Tea Party Princess

The SPCA was at the mall allowing kids to pet the kitties

Summer did very well in our absence but was quite emotional around dinner hour and bath time.

We certainly appreciated the mini-vacation and knowing that Summer was having a ball with her grandparents.