Thursday, June 28, 2012

Play Ball!

Summer is enjoying being a part of a team sport.  She is one of fourteen 5/6 year olds that Don and I are coaching this year.  We've been playing for a month now and the kids are beginning to get the hang of it.  Everyone has hit the ball from the pitching machine at least once when they have been up to bat during an inning.  (They each get 5 pitches). We are beginning to work on developing the defensive play in the field.  This becomes a challenge as you can imagine the attention spans are stretched to their limit.
Here is a video of Summer up at bat last night:


Monday, June 25, 2012

Annual Trip to the Patch

 We enjoyed our annual trip to the berry patch on Saturday with Summer's little friend Oliver.
  As you can see, Summer and Oliver got our 'money's worth'.  It's a good thing they don't weigh the kids before and after!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's hard not to giggle when you think of children 'graduating' from Kindergarten to Grade 1.  But for us, we celebrate all the milestones with a sense of gratefulness that we have the privilege to do so.

Yesterday Summer's school had a little ceremony to mark the occasion and included videos of all the kids saying what they want to be when they grow up:

They put on a really nice Assembly for the parents, complete with a few songs, speeches and a slide show. 
Our friend Barb joined us.

One proud little girl (and parents!)

Summer and her bestie Myah

Santa's Village!

What a great way to spend a Saturday!  Santa's Village was lots of fun and Summer asked Santa for a "pet dog" for Christmas.  Santa convinced her a stuffed animal dog was just as good.
It was a great day, spent with great friends.  Summer and Rory even got to participate in part of the stage show - they were both frogs for 'old MacDonald's farm'.  Priceless.
Three little elves!

Riding the Train

Angels...  most days.

The elf family!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Giants!

Our baseball season is finally getting off the ground.  We had a few cancellations because of rain and field closures, but last night we had our first game. 

Don and I are Co-Coaching, which pretty much means we coordinate 14 little kids, and their parents, to place them on the field and try to engage them, even during the boring parts.

Last night was a challenge...  Summer was very upset that none of the batters from the other team 'hit the ball to her'.  A few times big hitters hit the ball to the outfield.  You never saw the infield empty out so fast, and a blob of kids chasing a rolling ball...  OK, so let's explain that "if you are on a base, do not abandon your position".  We had a couple good lessons of 'making the play'. It was very cute. 

On Summer's second turn at bat, she hit the ball.  Not just a tick, she hit it. She was so excited, she forgot where she was supposed to run. 

Fun is the aim of the game.  I only used the phrase "There is no crying in baseball" once - and only with my own kid.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Arnold Who???

Yesterday we received our follow up call from Summer's Neurosurgeon. 

Good News:
There has been no change in her ventricle size for over a year now.  The shunt is still 'out of place' and likely not working.  She seems to be circulating the CSF on her own.

Not So Good News:
They saw a malformation on her scan that could cause problems at some point.  It is called Arnold's Chiari Malformation, or CM.  So basically, now that Summer has gotten to a point where we suspect she is circulating CSF, they have now discovered another 'risk' for hydrocephalus. 

As upsetting as this is, in my Google Research, there is also a suggestion that many people do not experience any problems as a result.

That said, Summer will have another MRI in December at HSC (she gets to stay awake for this one!), and they will take a very close look at the CM and her spine.

Photo Catch Up

Summer and Don went fishing.  She was a great sport even though they didn't catch anything.

Summer is enjoying MY seat!

Summer is very proud of  her Orca Diarama.  It has real sand and shells.  She also added her pet rock.

Dance Weekend Rehearsal

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dancing Diva's

This weekend we celebrated the end of the 'dance year' with a recital on the 'big stage'. Over forty performances showcased amazing talent and the accomplishment of eight months of fun - and for some of the groups, a lot of hard work!

Summer spent this year doing a weekly hip-hop class. She enjoys the time spent with her little friends and the physical activity.  She's already excited for next year.

Summer & Kassie

'Posing' - this is 'picture night'

All Set for the Big Stage