Thursday, April 28, 2011

New View

We had a bit of a storm yesterday and lost a huge red pine. We have been contemplating taking it down for two winters. Now I guess we don't have to worry about it. We're still amazed that it fell between two gardens, missed the bench and didn't quite reach the deck - whew!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CIT - We're Done!

I am not sure if we had just had enough, or if it was the goose-egg I was sporting on my forehead from getting whacked with Summer's cast yesterday - but we decided tonight to remove Summer's cast.

Our weekend was filled with lots of fun. Summer did some 'right hand painting', we had a few play-dates, several meals with friends, and of course a visit from the Easter Bunny.

I will post some weekend pics tomorrow.

Back to the cast. I managed to remove it with some constant pulling tension, just like we did last year. All I can say is Pee-Ewe! that was one stinky hand/arm. Summer immediately headed into a well deserved, and needed bath for a good arm scrubbing.

We are two days earlier than planned, but I thing we all had enough. While the cast is off, we continue to encourage and insist on her using her right hand as much as possible.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Isn't it supposed to be 'April Showers'?

Snow here today...
I am sure Don is really happy I could not convince him to put up the gazebo roof!

Easter celebrations at Summer's school. Today her class is going to Scollard Hall for Mass. Girls were asked to dress up, and the boys to wear a tie. Great opportunity to convince her pig-tails are necessary!

Yesterday she told us all about how Jesus died on the cross, a long, long time ago.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Change of Scenery

We spent the weekend with Emily, Gab and Isabelle in Ottawa. It was really nice to get away. The weather was less than cooperative, but there is tons of stuff to do in the city.

We visited the Children's Museum at the Museum of Civilization on Saturday and the Agricultural Museum on Sunday.

Isabelle is 5 months old and so she didn't mind sharing her toys with Summer. She is a very sweet baby and it was so wonderful to finally meet her. Summer was also delighted to meet her little cousin. I suspect she is really looking forward to when Isabelle is a toddler and moving about. Last week Summer was telling one of my friends that she is a big sister now, because Isabelle was her new little sister.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Visit: by Marg

Summer had a fun visit at the school yesterday with Marg:

My intent was to follow Summer and provide assistance as necessary. Her designated center was computers and this was challenging for her. She was able to isolate her finger to "click" but it was very difficult for her to release due to the amount of pressure she had on the mouse. We worked on this together so that she was able to pop some of the balloons. While she waited for her turn at the computer I brought out some of the fine motor toys out of my bag. She remembered that I would have something in my bag for her.

We worked with the magic wand that you have to turn over in order for the glitter to move through the tube. I will bring the shorter one next time to use as well although with the long one once she had made the turn I would take it and she would reposition her grasp.

We need to problem solve many of these tasks as she is so smart she will use her body to do what she wants her hand / arm to do. I had a smaller sensory water toy that dropped and mixed colours and the size of this seemed better.

When computers were finished she thought that she wouldn't move to another area but just check out what else was in the bag of toys. Her little friend or two joined us for what was in fact a fine motor session. We used the floam to roll press and shape. Tongs to eat balls we made and to pick up the sensory balls etc.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who's Frustrated?

Not Summer!

Our biggest concern with doing a period of CIT is will Summer be frustrated. We always want therapy of any kind to be a positive experience, not withstanding that no matter what kind of therapy it is, it is always 'work'.

Aside from last week when Summer asked us if she had to wear the cast to bed, and then 'do I have to wear the cast to dance class?", she has not complained at all.

This week Daddy seems to be the superstar and Summer only wants help from him. Which also means that she does not want to listen or follow directions from yours truly.... So I guess the only frustrated person this week is me.

Next week may be different. You just never know with her.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 3 - already improvement

The best time for therapy at home during CIT has got to be breakfast and supper. Food is a great motivator for a hungry 4 year old - or for anyone really. Summer has already shown improvement in grasping her fork, scooping food and getting it to her mouth. This morning at breakfast she did 75% of her feeding on her own. Yes, it gets a little messy at times, but spilled cheerios and milk are worth it!

Last night was Summer's dance lessons. On the whole she did well. I only had to intervene once when she was tapping Kaida on the head with her cast... though it was only a light touch - she was reminded that she is wearing a weapon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CIT 2011 - Summer Rocks the Purple Cast

Yesterday was cast day. Surprisingly, Summer was quite excited over the whole event. I think part of it is that she knows she will receive a little extra attention at school. I think her class mates are excited to sign her cast. Thankfully her teachers also boost her excitment.

Summer will also receive extra therapy over the next few weeks. We plan to remove the cast on April 28th.

Dinner time was a little challenging for her. We insisted that she try really hard, and then provided a little assistance. Her wrist is so stiff and her grip strength is really weak. She managed fairly well though.

Later in the evening, her excitment was wearing off a little and she started to realize that her cast was going to be on for a long time (long in the eyes of a 4 year old) and she had a little cry. Nothing that some snuggles, reassurance and an extra bedtime story couldn't fix. Nonetheless, it is hard not to feel sad about it. Though, I am sure she will thank us when she is older?