Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend - 48 hrs of fun!

Saturday night ventured out in the snow to join friends in a celebration of Barb's 60th birthday. It was a well attended dinner in Trout Creek - yes, it is as hick as it sounds! But it was close to home and we managed to maintain the surprise over the last 3 months as we planned and coordinated the event. She was certainly surprised at the number of family and friends in attendance. We took this photo before we left the house, but we'll have to get a couple of party pictures from Barb's niece, as we were having so much fun, the camera didn't make it out of the bag. Summer was a star and entertained all the elderly folks once she warmed up and became her usual outspoken self. I have no idea where she gets that from!

Sunday was packed full of fun too, starting with visits to our neighbours to show off Summer's costume. What was a glorified costume fashion show, turned out to be the first 'bag filling venture'. Our neighbours delight in spoiling her, but to be fair, she gave back her share of hugs.

Kassie's birthday party was next at the Early Years Centre. All the girls had a great time and it was the perfect venue so that they had lots of room to work off some of the sugar! The kids ran wild and the parents had a nice visit. :-)

We then headed to the Shunk's for our traditional Halloween evening. Sum and the Girls played for a bit, we had dinner, the girls got dressed and they hit the street. North Bay didn't get the same amount of snow that we did at the lake, so at least there was no trudging though soppy snow. However, it was FREEZING!!! The kids made out like bandits after only 45 minutes.

We headed home and had Summer into bed for 7:30. Despite the busy day, she held her own, though she was asleep in the car about 10 min down the highway.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween! Boo!

Last night was pumpkin carving time. Don downloaded a template from work. He also picked up a computer virus in the process... at work... so it became a costly acquitision! there was no harm done, so it was more so just embarassing...

Summer had so much fun. She loves the guts... We skyped to mom and dad, but mom was out playing bridge so my Dad answered and we turned the computer around so we could chat and carve the same time.

here is the effort and the result.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great to live on the route across our nation

On Thursday we enjoyed a brief but wonderful visit with my aunt Venita, uncle Roy and Venita's son Joe. Venita and Roy are moving to NS from SK and Joe flew out to help them drive across. We love having family stop in on their to and fro -in our great country point A and point B are usually vast distances apart!

When they arrived we Skyped to my mom. I had not seen Venita in 10 years, and I think it has been longer for my mom, so it was neat to have a group conversation - visually too.

Summer warmed up to Venita very quickly - I think she and my mom share a lot of the same mannerisms. DNA is an amazing thing.

It was a school day/word day on Friday - so we said a fond farewell with promises of a visit to NS sometime soon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hospital Walk Run

Last Sunday was our annual Hospital Walk/Run. It was the first time we held it at the new hospital site. Our community was very excited as our new hospital opens January 30th. We had over 750 participants - including Summer and Don.

This year Lynn Johnston (author of For Better or For Worse sponsored a walk for children. Fully supervised by volunteers from the College ECE program, they played with the kids, painted faces and took them for a walk while parents ran their 2, 5, or 10KM. Summer loved it! Don ran a respectable 46:46 10km and I worked - directing traffic, serving chili lunch etc.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stalker Mom

On Wednesday I was on route to an appointment for work. I looked at the time and figured that Summer would be at recess... so I thought I would swing by and check out the playground routine - without being detected. I pulled up to the curb. I was immediately eye-balled suspiciously by a teacher in the yard... so that is good- I think...

I looked and looked for Summer on the playground and could not see her. Her EA was with her other student. I wracked my brain to remember what coat she was wearing in the morning, and still could not see her. Gee... can't even pick out my own kid on the playground???

So, then I thought... maybe she fell and they are trying to call me at work... I better get back.

I got back to my office, checked my messages - none... checked my Outlook.... Summer was being seen my her OT Ann. I guess she got to skip recess.

Summer, proudly displaying her Turkey Centre Piece

Friday, October 15, 2010

4 Year Follow Up

On Tuesday, Summer had her 4 year developmental assessment at Sunnybrook. The NICU follow up clinic moved from Women's College Hospital to the Sunnybrook Hospial over the summer. It is a brand new area a the hospital - shiny, new and SO much more appropriate. The assessment room was nice and large and provided the space needed to do the gross motor part of the test. Much better than when we would see kids doing their gross motor skills in the hallway at WCH.

Since we were going to a new place, we gave ourselves lots of time to get there. It is a lot farther from Bolton for us and once we figured out where to park, the hour we had hoped to have to kick around was about 15 min... just enough time for Summer to have a snack, me to have a coffee and for us to find the clinic.

Laura, the OT conducted the Peabody Developmental Motor Skills assessment and she was observed by one of the Neonatologists on staff. Laura is delightful and Summer really responds to her manner. Skills assessed were: Scissor cutting, buttoning, lacing, building blocks, following directions, drawing, colouring, running, walking on a line, stairs, throwing a ball - several differnt ways, bouncing a ball, standing on one foot, tippy toes, galloping, skipping, - and probably a lot of other things I didn't realize were being assessed.

Summer did very well. She was attentive, persistent and polite. We are really proud of her.

Maureen, our PT, seemed pleased as well. Though, she always cautions us that there is lots to come, and learning disabilities are very common among kids like Summer. We will be able to assess for that at her 6 year appointment.

6 year... that is our next major assessment. On our way to our appointment we were wondering... what happens after Summer is 5? are we on our own? Maureen assured us that we have her for life - when we need her... very reassuring.

Summer and I are off to Orthopedic Lab today to have some adjustments made to her AFO.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We started our TG weekend with a hike up Blueberry Mountain (us folks from BC call it Blueberry Hill...) We try to do it annually, and this year it we managed it twice.

We had a really nice visit with Don’s parents and concluded their time with us at a family gathering in Bolton at Barb & Laurie’s for a Thanksgiving feast.

Summer was in fine form and informed us all over Thanksgiving dinner: “I am eating turkey…. And sometimes my dad calls me a turkey!” Indeed, much to be thankful for.

Kite Flying in the Bunton's Backyard

We bid farewell to Wendy, Gary as they joined Bern, Dale, and Emily and headed to Peterborough on Monday afternoon. We enjoyed kicking back with Barb & Laurie for the last few hours of the long weekend.

...Tuesday morning: Summer's 4 year follow up at Sunnybrook

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fun

We’ve been enjoying the fall weather and our visit with Don’s parents. Summer is so pleased to have her Nana and Papa here. Today she is staying home with them. I am sure they will take in another nice crisp fall walk and a couple rounds of Toy Story 1 and 2.

Wendy and Gary went for a paddle yesterday and enjoyed the quiet of the lake. Don is taking Wednesday to Friday off to visit and I am sure to catch up on his list of to-do’s before winter comes.