Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Geo - Update

On Saturday I checked on 'our' birds and they had really grown.
On Sunday I did another check and to my horror... this is what I found.

We looked around the yard and found a few feathers (no body parts) which told me at least 1-2 of the robins did not survive.  I am going to believe that at least one managed a flying escape.  We have a cat, and there are a couple other cats in the neighbourhood.  I am sure at least one of them made a meal out of our birds.  Nature can be so cruel.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Summer had her annual MRI yesterday at NBRHC.  It was pretty amazing to not have to travel to have this scan done.  It was quite seamless too.... up to a point! 

We arrived at Pediatrics at 0700hrs.  Immediately the numbing cream was applied to both Summer's hands as she was going to receive an IV.  (The second hand is just a precaution, incase they can't get a vein in the first hand.)  It was allowed to work for a good hour before the IV was started.  She hardly winced at all when it was inserted. 

We headed down to the MRI suite at 0845.  Her scan was scheduled for 0900.  They were running a few minutes behind, so we chilled in the waiting area and then the Dr. began to administer the sedation medication.  Summer fell to sleep without any trouble.... until.... we transfered her from the stretcher to the MRI bed.  She woke up.  More medication was administered and at this point she received the maximimum dosage.  She fought it and fought it... falling asleep for 4 second and then waking - doing this about 100 times.  Finally the Dr. was set to 'call it all off' and I pleaded with her and the Tech to try to settle her into place to see if we can at least get her to stay still, even though awake.

The tech (who also happens to be a friend of mine), stepped in and started whispering to Summer while she padded the area around her head and taped her into position.  I think she might have promised her I would buy her a pony... 

By the time she was in position, she was fast asleep.  The 20 minute scan was performed while I watched closely for any movement or waking.  - We were golden.

Summer slept for 3 hours when we returned to Pediatrics.  It was a long day.

So, now that is done, we'll send off the scans to her Neurosurgeon and see what he says.

PS - Isn't the MRI machine pretty? Our district raised the funds to purchase it.

May Long in K-Town

We spent the long weekend with our friends Brian and Maggie in Kingston.  They are downsizing from their home on the lake so we got a sneak peek at their new place.  It is lovely, very new and has an amazing huge back yard.  We had a great weekend catching up.  Summer had a bit of a cold, so she was pretty happy to sit around and relax with us.  She did get to practice her baseball quite a bit too. 

Brian's mom was born in Goa and she taught Maggie and I to make Samosa about 15 years ago.  She delighted us with an Indian Curry dinner.  She had plans, so we picked it up from her place - I tell you, Brian's mom has the Best Take Out!  Thank you Marina!!!

We look forward to their trek north this August.

the new Living Room


Summer has front row seats in the Home Theatre

No way she is falling out of bed with those bears as bookends!

Putty - he loves the attention!
Lunch at the Brew Pub with Tania & Clayton

National Geo Update

We check on our robin babies daily.  We have determined that 3 of the 4 eggs hatched and now we have three little downy birds snuggled in the nest. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Geo - at home

We've been monitoring a bird's nest built in the rafters of our deck.  It has been a couple of years since we have had any successful baby robin hatchlings.  We are pleased to report that as of last night we have one successful hatch and I think another one is starting to crack. 

We named this one Preemie.

We just need to keep our cat George in check.  I imagine four growing birds will not all fit in this little nest, and usually one or two end up falling out at some point. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am Mommy

I am.
Your pillow, blanket and snuggly stuffy.
Your prince when we dance, because you are always the princess.
Your stilts when you ride on my shoulders; horsey when you ride on my back.
Your engine when I push you on your bike, in the laundry bin, and through the water.
Your right hand when you need it.
Your advocate, protector, mentor and teacher.
Your Mom.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eeee Ghad!

Well, it was bound to happen....  I turned 40 on Saturday.  I can't say it was all that hard to take.  I am an athlete (well ok, a wannabe athlete), so most days when I wake up in the morning I feel 50.

Summer and Don had a great day planned for me. Fat breakfast and presents from Don and Sum (an iPad - yes, I was very impressed!)

We visited with friends for the afternoon.  Their son Ben is 3 and he and Summer get along really well.  We then had 'dinner plans' with Trace & Geof - which turned out to be a surprise party; my friends from the lake, Summer's godparents, and Barb and Laurie--all the way from Bolton.  A very big surprise. 

We were all moving a little slower than normal on Sunday, but got lots of rest to prepare for the Monday evening Bryan Adams concert in Sudbury.  It was an AMAZING show.  We could not have pulled that one off, on a weeknight, without the help of Tina and Buster who took Summer for a sleep over.  Tina texted me some cute stories throughout the evening:

Summer to Meghan:  "Hey Meghan, let's go upstairs and try to shoot my puppy with the shotgun!" (k, nerf gun, puppy is a teddy bear - thought I better qualify that one!)

Summer to Tina while painting a picture:  "Tina! you better come see my painting!" Tina: "what if I don't?" Summer "Well I will smack ya!"  (Honestly, don't know where that one came from!!)

Barb & Laurie and the birthday girl  
Summer showing up her mom at Karaoke

The top of some dudes head and Bryan Adams in the far-ground

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Casting Success

Summer had her cast removed a week ago.  (I have been away from home on business and have been neglecting the blog - sorry!)

Initially her range of motion had increased from -1 to +18 degrees, but after a couple of days it decreased, but only slightly to: Knee straight:10 degrees Dorsi Flexion and Knee flexed:15 degrees Dorsi Flexion.  Still very good.  We also received Summer's new AFO and it came with a night strap to stretch as well.  Now, we just have to use it.  It is so hard sometimes, we are always asking a lot of her:  Eye patching: 2 hours a day, wrist splint: as much as possible, AFO: always, Casting: 3 weeks, Stretches: twice a day.... Oh, and don't forget to have fun, because you are a kid!