Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation - Week #1

We have returned home from our summer vacation. We spent 2.5 weeks in Comox visiting family and friends. There are many highlights to share with you.

Here is how we spent Week #1:

We stayed the first week at my parents and the second week with Don’s – and in between – an amazing trip to Alder Bay… more on that later.

Our first weekend I was delighted to introduce Summer to two friends I grew up with in Gold River; Julie and Selene and who I have not seen in 22 years. We found each other on Facebook in the spring and managed to organize a visit while we were home. It was as if time had not passed and we all picked up where we left off. We were surprised also by a short visit with another Gold River-ite – Kecia, who I have not seen in a few years. She was home visiting her parents who now live in Comox.

My nephew Chase and his mom Jen also came to visit from Victoria and he and Summer had a lot of fun keeping cool in the pool my dad set up in the back yard. My brother Ted who also came home had a great time tormenting Chase with the garden hose and splashing the kids.

Stoten Falls

We spent a couple afternoons at the river and a few at the beach at Kye Bay and the spit. One evening we had the opportunity to have a BBQ with Ken and Carmen on Sandy Point near Tree Island. We had to wait for the seals to vacate and they left one of their pups behind. We thought it might be sick, but Ken and Don checked on it later the following week and it had gained its strength. We picked and barbequed oysters and hotdogs for dinner. Summer had a great time with her friend Cyara who is also 4.

The baby seal

The weather was smoking-hot but we found many ways to beat the heat.

Kye Bay

Stay tuned for Week #2…

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Summer

Sunday we hosted Summer’s 4th Birthday party at our place. 5 of her little friends and their parents joined us for a very rainy beach party.

We spent the first couple of hours playing around the house and then we had the kids do the piñata in the gazebo. It was a ‘ribbon’ Dora piñata, so there were no sticks involved. I think the kids would have preferred the stick… parents preferred the ribbons! I filled it with some really bulky stuff, so the body pretty much fell off after a few ribbons were pulled and we had to pry her open at the backpack.

The rain let up, so a couple rounds of T-ball were in order followed by a quick swim.

Summer was thrilled to have her little friends to play with and she loved her Dora cake and received very nice gifts.

Don and I gave her a digital camera for her to take pictures on our trip to BC, and a Toy Story 2 Jesse Doll – which is now her current obsession. This morning she insisted we call her Emily (Jesse’s owner in the movie…)

I can honestly say, the last four years have been by far, the worst and the best moments of my life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fishing Fun

Don and I gave Summer her very own Tinkerbell fishing rod and princess tackle box as part of her birthday gift.

Don and Summer tried her new tackle out on Wednesday evening off the dock. Tonight I hear a boat ride and fishing are in store after supper. Hopefully Tinkerbell does not disappoint and a fish is caught.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sorry, I know this seems lazy - but Don posted some of these on his FB today - and I didn't have time to pull photos off the computer at home and load them up, and our internet connection at home has been unreliable... I can come up with more excuses, but I don't have time... How is that... and excuse for no more excuses... but I digress. Here are some pics from the last week.

Our friend Keith took this pic. He is an awesome photographer!

Summer and her Dora cake (and Riahan beside her) We had a little practice birthday party for Summer on Sunday. She'll be hosting her little friends at our house this Sunday for the full-meal-deal.

Donnie Mac shows off his skiing skill - we forgot he CAN SKI!

We all had a super time with Don and Corrine. As always we are sad to see them leave - but we are already looking forward to our next visit.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini Holiday

I have been neglecting the blog in favour of spending time with Don and Corrine who have arrived from Edmonton.

So far, the boys have golfed twice, we've been to Huntsville, Rockcliff Pottery, waterskied, seadoo'd, swam, played a few cards etc. Tomorrow we are going to Sudbury for a few hours. (I have an appointment and Don and Corrine have never been, so we'll make a day of it.)

Yesterday we had a 'practice birthday party' with some of my neighbours and the Shunks. Summer loved her Dora cake - will post pictures later.

We've really been enjoying our time with Don and Corrine, it has been wonderfully relaxing.