Thursday, March 27, 2014

7 going on 17

At times you get real insight into how life with a teenager is going to be.  Yesterday I asked Summer "so, how's Ethan?" Summer and Ethan have shared an EA for four years and are very close.  Since JK they have told us they are getting married when they are old enough.  So, you can imagine how surprised I was when she tells me "He's good, but he dumped me for Desiree." Yes, in those exact words.

I asked her how she felt about it. She responded "Oh, it's fine.  I have two other crushes on the go!" (gulp).  I say "oh really?  who's that?"  She says "Ethan R. (different Ethan) and Austin."

So I confirmed that they are both cute, and Ethan R. is very smart.

All is fair and good on the grade 2 dating scene.