Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Summer had her bi-annual ophthalmology appointment at Sick Kids on the 20th.  (It is nice that it is twice a year... we have spent many, many, many hours at Eye Clinic.  It is our MOST unfavourite appointment.  Anyone who has been there will know why... it is busy.  VERY busy.  Staff are nice. But it is VERY busy.)

We had a great trip although the drive down was snowy and slippery.  Our friends have a corporate apartment downtown and offered it to us for the night.  It was.....  AWESOME!  Don watched football, I went to the gym, we got take-out and had a friend visit for dinner.  So comfy. 

Summer received an excellent eye report - her vision is stable, her prescription seems to be good and we don't need to return until July.  ALL GOOD!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

In spite of the very busy lead-up to Christmas, we always seem to take lots of time to recover and relax over the course of the break.  Summer and Don had the two full weeks off from school and work.  We had the opportunity to enjoy Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day locally with friends as well as a 75th surprise birthday party in Ottawa for Don's Auntie Bern.
Ready for Santa! 

Summer would describe her Christmas as terrific.  All she asked Santa for was a Tigger stuffed toy.  He did oblige and she was thrilled. He goes most places with her for the time being.  Of course she was amply spoiled by friends and family.

We are knee deep into winter (and as of this morning also in snow) and though it is only January, we are looking forward to a vacation to Disney - and then the final melt in spring.  Winter always seems to be longer than it needs to be.

Ready for Auntie Bern's Birthday Party!