Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's the Final Countdown...

When I think of the final days of my year of 'single parenthood' the song by Europe, "The Final Countdown" comes in to my head and I want to perform a little air-guitar... 

It's been a long year.  I haven't blogged about it or posted on Facebook, at the request of Don - not wanting to broadcast the fact that his family is is flying solo.  Usually I blog about events etc. after they are completed, again another 'risk management strategy'.

But we are in the final week.  Finally. 

Summer and I are exstatic with excitiment and anticipation.  The reality, I know, also includes a lengthy adjustment period that shouldn't be rushed.  A wise person once told me "anything of value takes time". So we'll take our time.

Summer asks me everyday "what day is it?" "what are we doing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day - and then is time for Daddy to come home?"   She is focussed.

I, in the meantime am reassigning closet space, trying to get a grip on the house work, yard work and make it at least look like we have been coping like a couple of pros.  When really, I just learned to let a few (ok, a lot of) things go.  I'm sure home is going to feel like home to Don, even if a little disheveled. 

I am extremely grateful for my immediate support network that includes, to name a few; my neighbours Barb and Vera who have helped me out with babysitting, garbage runs, stoking the fire, yard work, shovelling snow, a few of MANY favours.  And John and Neenee also pitched in for babysitting and responding to any crisis I needed help with at any given time. They share our cat George who likes to frequent their home so it is easy for us to be away and not worry about him.  My bestie, Karen has helped me survive.  I mean survive...  Great company, great cook (she bakes too! - I do not!), great runner, great mother, great friend.
We haven't been able to send Don any parcels for a couple of months.  He has a lot of reading to catch up on - AKA - Summer's art, school work and report cards.