Thursday, May 30, 2013

Run Baby Run!

It's ball season! Summer is playing Girls Softball this year.  Her two besties are also on her team so it opens up a whole new dimension of fun for the girls.  It's a longer season than baseball, but only once a week - which works much better for us.  As well, last year she was the only girl on her team.   Her coach is well organized and she makes sure firstly that the kids have fun and that they learn the rules of the game. 

Last night was our first game. Everyone had a chance to bat twice.  Summer hit a single both times.  She makes a proud mama everytime.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Days

Over the last month we have been enjoying the transition to spring.  Actually, we went from a snow storm two weeks ago to mid 20's over the last week.  Spring sprung and now it feels like summer. 

Summer had a botox appointment in late April and we continue to work on her range of motion in her leg.  She was trooper for her 8 injections and this time she received some bravery beads from Dr. Jones. 

April and May have been very busy for me at work.  It feels like I am depleting my 'favour bank' at an alarming rate with Summer needing sitters more often due to evening work.  I am thankful to have a few close friends who continue to help us out. 

I took a day off work to spend with Summer and her friend Myah during one of the PA days.  We did lots of girlie things including lunch out and getting their nails done.