Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Appointment Run - 'Lotso' Fun

Monday morning's conversation with Summer: (we had several conversations like this over the past week).

Summer: what appointments do I have today?
Me: eyes and botox follow up.
Summer: Do I have an X-Ray?
Me: no
Summer: How bout a CAT Scan?
Me: no
Summer: Do I get eye drops?
Me: not this time, maybe in July... we'll see.
Summer: Will Dr. Jones give me any needles?
Me: not this time, but yes, in two weeks you get your needles.
Summer: Are they going to give me that chocolate syrup?
Me: Yes, definitely.
Summer: oh.  So I don't get eye drops today, are you sure?
Me: Yes.

We visited HSC Eye clinic and Summer had a great eye check-up.  Her vision has increased from 20/60 to 20/30.  They are very pleased and we only need to patch her left eye 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes to try to maintain her vision.

Botox follow-up was as expected.  Summer will receive injections in her leg and her bicep to try to reduce the contracture in her elbow and the spasticity in her soleus and gastrox. 

Summer has been collecting the Toy Story characters and we found 'Lotso' at the Disney Store.  She spent her Easter money from Gramma (topped up by me :-)).  She was disappointed that the 'Jessy' boots were not in her size, but she's been attached to Lotso for the past 24 hours. 

Road Runner's and Jet Setter's

We've been 'on the road' for the last few weekends.  We started our adventure with a trip to Hamilton where Summer made a few new friends, and I ran the 'Around the Bay' 30km run.  We stayed with Karen's aunt and uncle and their family.  It was quite a weekend and Karen, Meghan and I all met our running goals.

The following weekend we headed to Vancouver to visit Julie, Selene and their families.  We stayed for 5 days that included a lot of Easter activities, bouncing on the trampoline, trip to Granville Island, the Aquarium, Pacific Centre etc.  It was so fun to reconnect with my girlfriends and their children.  We also got to see Uncle Ted.  Summer told her Dr. yesterday that "I don't like uncle Ted.  He ate my mac and cheese.  He said it was a bird, but he was the bird!!"  She will  get over it.

This past weekend we combined so fun with the Toronto appointment run.  We spent Saturday with our friends the Miller's in Whitby.  It included a dinner party and lots of playtime for Summer with the kids.  We then headed to Sara and Graeme's in Riverdale for Sunday night. Sara made us a delicious steak dinner and put us up in their very comfy guest room.  I guess she wants us to stay again.  And hopefully again, and again.  We already miss Barb and Laurie, with whom we stayed in Bolton, and are in the process of relocating.

Now, I think I have already written more than a posts worth... so I will stretch it into two, and give a rundown on Summer's Monday appointments.