Friday, February 15, 2013

Absentee - On vacation

I have been meaning to write a post for weeks... now I realize it is actually months....  where has the time gone -I know that is cliche... but really, where did it go.

So this will bring you up to speed:

First of all, Happy New Year~! 
Second, Happy Valentines Day~!
Here's to the long weekend, Family day!

Two weeks ago, Summer and I returned from an epic vacation in Australia, where we spent three weeks with Don, travelling to Cairns, Ayers Rock, Sydney, and a FANTASTIC week in Forster, near the beach at Trent and Lara's (Don's cousin).

It is hard to pick out a highlight as each place had something pretty special about it.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime and we made the most of it.  Both Don and I did a 10km run - around Ayers Rock.  I know many people choose to experience things differently - that is how we wanted to.  We made up for the 2 hours of bordom that Summer experienced while we tag-team parented, and took a sunset Camel ride tour the following evening.  She loved it.

We are particularly grateful that we got to spend so much quality time with Lara and Trent (who is now fondly referred to as Unkie Trent - by all of us :-) )  They took us surfing (Trent Surfs, we boogie boarded), visited the Billabong Zoo, celebrated Australia Day, Kyacked on the great lakes, ran the beautiful running trails, hiked the booti booti trail, spent time on the beach, and even helped the brewmaster, Trent on Beer Night. 

Once we returned to the Sydney Airport, our family became divided again and we returned to Canada on Feb 3rd.

Barb and Laurie ferried us to and from the airport and we managed to fit in a bit of a visit on either end. Thankfully they never seem to tire of seeing Summer. 

We are back to the proverbial grind. Week 2 now, and our jetlag is finally beginning to subside.  I felt quite overwhelmed when we returned home.  I was so lonely and I realized I have to cook, make lunches, clean, haul wood, work, and train.  But we are returning to our routines and getting back to normal.