Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Saturday was a steamy, hot day and we headed for the Mini Putt course.  Rory, Kassie, Ben and Myah joined us for a round of mini-putt, cake and pressies.  It was exactly how Summer wanted to celebrate.

Hello Kitty - Summer's current 'obsession'


Ben gets a 'hole in one'!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation Photos

Trips to the parks

Mom's morning workout

Selene's Mt. Washington Run

It's cold at the top of the mountain!

Selene looks fresh, even after a run up, and down.

Soccer with Uncle Ted

Bridge Jumping at Condensory

Our fishing trip with Ken & Carmen


Kye Bay with Chase & Arden

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

We travelled home to Comox to see our family for our summer vacation.  We spent two weeks relaxing, visiting, hanging out at the river, playing on the beach, eating, and a highlight for Don and me; Fishing with Ken and Carmen.

Summer had some great playtime with her cousins Chase and Arden and reunited with an old friend Ava whom she met a couple of years ago and to top it off, she had a great visit with her cousin Isabelle, from Montreal, who was visiting my in-laws.  What a bonus!  We spent some great quality time with my brothers Ted who came over from Vancouver, and Steve & Jen who came up from Victoria.  My friend Carmen, pregnant with twins, even came all the way from Shawnigan Lake to have lunch and a quick visit.  We are grateful that everyone manages to converge on our location, it is amazing how quickly two weeks can pass.

On our first weekend we took a trip up Mount Washington to watch my dear friend Selene, run up and down the mountain in a 'Gut Buster Challenge Event'.  We enjoyed taking the chairlift... a much easier way to get up the hill!  We hung out with Selene's dad and her daughter Caitlin.  We topped it off with a hot lunch in the pub.  We had the opportunity for a few more visits with the Curnow's and Summer enjoyed showing off her Hello Kitty bathing suit and sunglasses they gave her for her birthday.

We really had time to relax.  This was doubley evidenced in how relaxed and easy-going Summer was.  Thanks to our parents hosting us at both homes, which can sometimes be a challenge, we were able to enjoy everyone's company, take a few trips to the parks, play, read, and relax.

Since Chase's and Summer's birthdays are 5 days apart; August 3rd and August 8th, Chase's grammy Laurie organized a birthday party for the two of them when Don and I were on our fishing trip, complete with cake, presents, kids, and lots of playing.  My mom also had a little birthday gathering and made them each the cake they wanted, Summer a barbie and Chase a car. And finally, on our last evening in Comox -Summer's real birthday, we had a nice dinner with Don's parents and my parents - and yes, more birthday cake.

We are now planning Summer's home birthday party for August 25th.  Then, we'll be done with 'birthday month'.

(I will do a later post of vacation photos).