Friday, February 25, 2011

Reading & Writing

A couple of weeks ago Summer brought home a paper with her name on it and we could not decipher any of the letters she formed... I have to say, I was kind of shocked, as she is always bringing home little notes from her friend Myah - and clearly, Myah can print...

After a discussion with her teacher, we were assured that Summer is at par with many of her classmates, and we should not worry, yet.

On Wednesday I attended a parent's workshop at Summer's school. The prinicpal facilitated a session to teach parents how to best support their childs learning and outlined expectations.

On of the big expectation is that they are reading at a level five by the end of Senior Kindergarten. YIKES! Panic sets in .... we are already half way through JK!

We learned some great strategies. How things have changed since we were kids... hey sent us home with a few tools and lots of tips.

Last week I obtained some extra homework from Summer's teacher so that we can work on her printing. Summer just loves to do homework. Last night she delighted in doing the tracing part of the excercise while I had my eyes closed, so that she could surprise me with her success. Very cute.

Summer gets very excited whenever I drop into her school. This time, she showed me the bike that she gets to use- pictured above. She can go forwards and backwards, as well, she is very good at steering in close quarters.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversations with Summer

-Mommy, where is my Justin Beaver T-Shirt?
Really???? you are 4...

-Mommy, I want to be a big sister.
That was a tough conversation.

-Daddy, if you don't make good decisions, you go to the devil.
Not sure I could have kept a straight face on that one.

-Are we taking the calendar on our vacation?
Meaning - Do I have to behave? Uhhh Yes!

-Sorry mom, I can't clean up, I have my hands full.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Parties, Family Turkey & Friends

Summer had an Eye Clinic appointment at Sick Kids on Tuesday - so our Long Weekend activities revolved around a couple of birthday parties and our trip to Toronto.

On Saturday Summer's friend Abby celebrated her 4th birthday. Summer and Abby have been friends since they were 1 and in daycare together. In fact, for about a year, if you asked Summer what her name was, the response was "Abby". Abby's skating party was cancelled due to a -25 windchill, so the kids had a great time at Abby's house for a Birthday party play date.

Queen Abby & Princess Summer

On Sunday, we (our neighbourhood)had a little surprise 75th birthday party for Diane. She was very surprised, and was wondering why there were so many cars in her driveway when she and Pete arrived home after church. Summer and I stayed at the party for an hour and then headed for Toronto. Sunday turned out to be the best weather day to travel, so we really lucked out.

Barb and Laurie hosted us for Sunday and Monday - we had a great turkey dinner with Barb, Laurie, Graeme & Sara, and Don made it to Toronto in the nick of time for supper. Barb and Summer and I shovelled the very large driveway on Monday morning and we also did a little sliding down the back hill. Summer was fearless as usual.

Summer and Barb making salad

Laurie telling Summer that 'Summer Wings' are on the menu

Monday morning we headed into the fray of Toronto Rush Hour traffic to go to Sick Kids for Sum's eye appt. The usual 50-60 min. drive turned out to be 90+min. We got to eye clinic with 1min. to spare.

Summer's right eye did not perform well and a prescription adjustment is required. So, we're back in May/June to see if it has worked. Otherwise, we may be looking at some patching. Her two part appointment includes an eye test with an Orthopist, then an eye exam with the Ophthalmologist. The Orthoptist had the pleasure of putting in the eye drops for dilation - which turned out to be me and her holding down a Screaming Summer. When Summer would not stop crying while we waited in the waiting room, she received a bit of a stern word from the orthoptist - that seemed to do the trick.

Between appointments we had coffee with my friend Marjorie who was accompanying her friend while her friends son was undergoing surgery. We had a good little catch up.

After the second appointment we had lunch with my friend Heather,who works at Sick Kids,at our favourite Indian Buffet. We had a great visit and I am sure I ate my body weight in curry and samosa.

Heather & Summer

Don departed from Sick Kids for Cornwall for his annual conference, and Summer and I headed home. We had sunny skies all the way north. Summer finally fell asleep at Sundridge - 30 min from home.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Therapy Update

Summer is being seen regularly by her OT and PT. They visit her at at her school. She is working on goals with her core strength. It is always amazing to me because she has defined abs when she flexes, but there are discrepancies between her left and right in terms of strength. Yesterday we were getting dressed and she says to me "Mommy, this is my weaker side." About a month ago, she referred to her right hand as her "silly hand".

Summer shares an EA at school and she is AMAZING. She provides support to Summer and another little boy who has CP and is in a wheelchair. Summer and the little boy have become great friends. There are two therapeutic tricycles at the school, so often when it is too cold or wet to go outside, or they need a break from the classroom, Summer and her buddy get to ride the halls on their trikes.

We are starting to discuss CIT again and will likely undertake a casting period this spring. We are starting to get the details worked out - given her therapist's a heads up, next week will discuss with the school, etc. Since Summer is in school full time and has an EA, she is already in a fully supported environment, so I am thinking I won't need to look into additional supports - but we'll have to see how it goes over with her school.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lil' Update

It's been a great couple of weeks. The weekend before last, Don and I were at our wits end with Summer. Her manner seemed to have gone out the window, and every day she was tired, cranky and hard to live with. We figured it was time to shake up the routine a little.

Don suggested that we start by limiting the TV she consumes during the week and we spend more time doing activities. It is so easy to slide into a rut in the winter with the short days, and much more indoor time. As well, a renewed effort on insisting on manners and politness.

So last week and this week have gone really well. There is no TV on for Mondays, Wednesday's and Thursday's. Instead we play board games, do crafts, cook, play, practice printing, etc...

Summer has adjusted easily and last night she only asked for a 'show' once. She seems to have accepted the new routine, and really enjoys our quality time.

On Valentines morning she woke up to a new stuffed animal - monkey hanging off her chair. She kept asking who put it there and I kept telling her it was us, but I think she thought there might be a Valentines 'santa'. It was very funny.

On Thursday's Summer's class has been going to Gymtrix for the afternoon. Don has been 'chaperoning' the fieldtrip and they have been having a great time. It is my only opportunity to get Summer to wear a ponytail - as the girls need to tie up their hair... that is my story, I am sticking to it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

odds & ends

It was a busy week, Summer was not feeling well and didn't make it through the day on Monday. On Tuesday she stayed at home with our Neighbour Barb. Thank goodness for great friends/neighbours. Summer really just needed more rest so she and Barb had a relaxing day watching TV.

Summer has a cold and her stamina this week was not great. I think there is nothing worse than a cranky 4 year old. I expect to be told I am hated, not her friend, ignored etc.. but after a couple of days of it... it starts to wear on your nerves.

Now that it is Sunday, she is feeling a bit better after two good nights sleep, a 2 hour nap yesterday and a fairly relaxing weekend. We are starting to feel the love again.

Winter Walk

Look Closely for George's Tail

Summer, Abby & Cassie - the three amigos